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Ganfeng Lithium is present In Latin America, in the provinces of Salta and Jujuy (Argentina), where it is running five lithium brine projects—in different salt flats—and another spodumene project—extracted from rock—in the state of Sonora (Mexico).

About UsOur History

Ganfeng Lithium was created in the year 2000. It has since become the world’s leading producer of lithium metals, and the second producer of lithium compounds worldwide. With over 328 R&D experts in its employ, the company has set up a complete circuit covering the lithium industry’s entire production chain: electric vehicles, energy storage, consumer electronics, the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, among many other applications.

Since its inception, Ganfeng has expanded its presence to five continents with operations in China, Australia, Ireland, Mexico, Mali and Argentina. There are five projects currently underway in Argentina, including Cauchari in the province of Jujuy, and Mariana, PPG, Incahuasi and Sal de la Puna in the province of Salta. This makes Argentina one of the leading lithium mining bases for the company.

For Ganfeng Lithium, its achievements have only been possible thanks to the quality of its team of professionals, and its high ethical values. These are enshrined in its commitment to use lithium resources to create a greener, cleaner and healthier life in the service of greater human development and progress.


Creation of Ganfeng Lithium.


Construction of the first lithium metal production base.


Construction of the first n-butyllithium production line in China.


Construction of the first comprehensive lithium mica resource development laboratory in China.


Construction of the first national production line to extract battery-grade lithium carbonate directly from brine.


Construction of the first national production line to extract battery-grade lithium carbonate directly from brine.


The company is listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, becoming the first lithium company to list stocks on a Chinese Stock Exchange.


Investment in International Lithium Corp., and establishment of a roadmap to increase the ownership of mineral resources at the start of the production chain.


The process to develop battery-grade lithium hydroxide is completed.


Construction of a 10,000-ton lithium salt plant.


Investment in the Mariana lithium project (Argentina). Establishment of Ganfeng Battery Technology Co., Ltf. in order to enter the lithium industry. Investment in the Blackstar spodumene project (Ireland). Production of battery-grade lithium hydroxide.


Investment in Reed Industrial Minerals (RIM) of Australia and acquisition of rights and interests in the Mt Marian spodumene project.


Acquisition of Jiangxi Western Resources Lithium Industry Co., Ltf., and acquisition of spodumene ore rights and interests in Heyuan, Ningdu. Establishment of Jianxi Ganfeng Recycling Technology Co., Ltf., to promote the recycling of waste batteries.


Investment in Pilbara Minerals. Investment in Lithium Americas. Construction of the first generation of solid-state lithium battery Research & Development pilot production line.


Listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Signing of strategic cooperation agreement with Tesla and its battery suppliers to provide Ganfeng battery-grade lithium hydroxide products. A joint venture is formed with Lithium Americas to develop Minera Exar's lithium brine project in Argentina.


Signing of a strategic cooperation memorandum with VW to provide lithium chemicals to the automotive manufacturer and its suppliers for the next decade. Signing of a long-term supply agreement with BMW. Automated mass production of batteries for TWS-type earphones.


A board-level sustainable development committee is established to strengthen the company's management capabilities regarding ESG matters—environment, social and corporate governance. The company’s brand is revamped, including updating the logo, the official website and reinterpreting its vision, mission, and values, etc.


Investment in the Goulamina spodumene project in Mali. Acquisition of Guangdong Huichuang New Energy. Establishment of Ganfeng Sichuan and Ganfeng Fengcheng. A strategic investment is made in Ganfeng LiEnergy. Product supply contract signed with Tesla Shanghai.


The construction of the Mariana Project begins in the Llullaillaco salt flats (Argentina). Exploration begins in the Incahuasi salt flats (Argentina). Acquisition of the PPG lithium project, run by Lithea Inc.

Nuestra filosofíaThe creation of unlimited value

The materials recovered by Ganfeng from spent lithium materials, such as batteries that have reached the end of their useful life, and lithium-containing solutions, are reused to produce composites, metals, batteries and other products. After they are used and disposed of, they reenter the recycling system, thus creating a complete resource cycle. In this way, we make sure that limited resources acquire infinite value through countless instances of use.
Ganfeng is using its own energy storage equipment to produce solar and wind power thus replacing non-renewable fossil fuels with renewable clean energy.

From electric vehicles, aircraft casings, tires and 5G mobile phones, to wireless sound devices and lipid-lowering medicines, lithium resources are being increasingly integrated into daily life, bringing value to people in multiple dimensions.

At Ganfeng Lithium, we believe that our mission is to create unlimited value, contributing to the creation of products for the development of green energy. Ganfeng's projects in Latin America are critical to the global energy transition.


Jason Luo
CEO - Ganfeng Lithium Latin America




Assertively iterate resource maximizing products after leading intellectual capital.


Nanotechnology immersion will close the loop on focusing solely on the bottom line.

Ganfeng en el mundoGangfeng en el mundoRSE

Los vehículos de nueva energía cargados con productos de sal de litio de Ganfeng Lithium viajaron aproximadamente 88 mil millones de kilómetros alrededor del mundo entre 2015 y 2021. Ayudaron al medio ambiente al reducir las emisiones de dióxido de carbono en 22 millones de toneladas.

En comparación con 2019, decide reducir las emisiones de carbono por tonelada de productos en un 10 % en 2025.
Cantidad de baterías, celdas, piezas polares y polvos retirados en 2021



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